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You want long leggings for coverage, but also want the grip that comes from directly holding your ankles with your hands or a strap. The Mild Feelings Waist Tight Leggings give you just that, so you can find traction in dancer or bow pose without exposing your entire leg. The 4-way stretchy fabric moves with you, so any discomfort you feel during your practice comes from the pose, not your clothing.



- High waist

- 4-way stretch fabric

-Very comfortable

- Breathable

- Sweat-wicking properties

- Lightweight feel
- Side pocket



We are confident about the quality of our product. However, in case if you feel dissatisfied due to any reasons just drop us a mail and you will get your money back immediately.

Mild Feelings Waist Tight Leggings

$59.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price