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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Mini Handheld Vacuum USB Rechargeable, Dust Buster and Blower 2 in 1, Easy to Clean Car Desktop Keyboard


Product Details:


The mini vacuum cleaner bring you a fantastic cleaning experience.

Vacuum Cleaner
1 Year
Power suction:
4000 - 4500Pa
Lightweight: weighing only 356g
Small dimensions:2.48×2.48×7.28in
Suction and blowing dual function
Suction: 4KPa
Lithium battery: 2000 mAh


Package includes:
Cordless vacuum cleaner ×1
Flat Nozzle ×1
Brush Nozzle ×1
Blow Nozzle×1
USB Cable ×1
Storage Bag ×1

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Mini Handheld Vacuum USB Rechargeable

Color: Black
  • Kindly Note

    Keep your hair, loose clothing, fingers and body parts away from running parts such as the machine air intake and brush strip. Do not point the nozzle, the dust collection rod or the tip at the eyes or ears, or put it in the mouth. Turn off the hand vacuum cleaner before removal or installation of the filter. The filter should be cleaned at least once a month, and should be cleaned up in time when there is obvious dust on the filter. The cordless vacuum cleaner shall not be operated when the filter is not installed properly. Before reuse, check the filter for proper installation or damage. It is forbidden to inhale sharp objects, burning or smoky objects (such as glass, carbon fire, cigarettes, or unextinguished ash).

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