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You can always use this USB Magnetic Aluminum LED Flashlight for emergency purposes. It has long-lasting battery life and its LED bulb is environmentally friendly. This flashlight can last for a very long time especially its bulb because it is very durable.


The light that it produces is very bright and it doesn’t hurt your eyes. Aside from that, you can use it if you need to do self-defense in case of an emergency. For example, you were camping and suddenly there’s a wild animal roaming around the campsite.


- Aluminum Alloy
- 18650 Rechargeable Battery 
- High-Mid-Low-Strobe-SOS
- 500-1000~2000 LUMENS
- More Than 200m
- IP Rating: IP54 
- Product Size: 112*28*25MM

USB Magnetic Aluminum LED Flashlight