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If you like simplicity in life, the Lucky Knot Buddhist Tibetan Bracelet is perfect for you ... 


Designed to stand out, this bracelet will make a great gift for yourself or anyone on your gift list. The Lucky Knot Buddhist Tibetan Bracelets are made by hand, so each one is unique - which makes them even more treasured. 


Let your culture stand out! You are going to love these bracelets. These bracelets are a great way to compliment any outfit and let your own unique style shine through. Pair it with a statement necklace, a beautiful dress, or your favorite Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and a bag for the ultimate outfit!


  • It first appeared in Buddhism,hand-made by buddhist monks , while reciting mantras over each knot. The bracelet attracts good luck to those who wear it regularly.
  • Seek simplicity in life! The Design is simple and elegant. It is Both Fashion and Vintage Style. Symbolizing the Eternal Love and Friendship between Lover Couples or Friends.
  • Wear this bracelet with great moral as a Gift for yourself, Give to guys who are growing up, the people who keep quiet in this noisy world and enhance their own.



- High quality

- Lightweight feel

- Very comfortable

- Adjustable

- Braided rope
- Environmental Friendly



We are confident about the quality of our product. However, in case if you feel dissatisfied due to any reasons just drop us a mail and you will get your money back immediately.

Lucky Knot Buddhist Tibetan Bracelet